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The Tide Lords Book Two, The Gods of Amyrantha, By Jennifer Fallon


The gods of Amyrantha is the second book in The Tide Lords series. Jennifer Fallon did a wonderful job with meeting my expectations and then soaring beyond them. Full of intrigue, longing, mysteries, twists, elations, and disappointments, this book will have you longing for the next one.

The book had me hooked on it to the point of it took me the better part of a week or so to read it because I wanted it to last. There are so many surprises I found in this book, along with some slow moments but I found there were few of those.

I cannot wait until the third book in this series is available at my local library because I will get it as soon as I see it.

The next book I will be reading is The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. It’ll be my first read of his so lets hope I picked a good one.

Happy joys in your Reading 🙂


Switched, Book One of the Trylle Series, By Amanda Hocking


“A couple things made that day stand out more than any other: it was my sixth birthday, and my mother was wielding a knife. Not a tiny steak knife, but some kind of massive butcher knife glinting in the light like in a bad horror movie. She definitely wanted to kill me.”


First paragraph and already off to a wonderful start. I got this series, well so far the first two while the third just got published and mailed to me, as a birthday gift and I am so glad I did. The Trylle books are a wonderful debut for Amanda Hocking, granted she already has six other books that are self-published.

This isn’t your normal Fae tale, its about trolls. Yes, you heard me, trolls! I think it was wonderful because you always hear about short and ugly little trolls, the Trylle are anything but that.

A wonderful new addition to the YA genre, this book will leave you rushing to the store to get the next book in the series.

Escape to a new world in Reading 🙂

The Goddess Test, by Aimée Carter


The Goddess Test is a book about Greek Mythology and it was wonderful. I have always loved the Greek Gods and Goddesses and this book was like a glass of lemonade on a hot day.

I loved how this was a new take on Hades and the story of Persephone. It was beautifully written and a wonderful read. Romance, despair, anger, joy, hope, helplessness, excitement, it was all there.

I look forward to reading book two, Goddess Interrupted.

I know I said The Lucky One was the next book but I stopped to read this one because it was a belated birthday present, and the book was on my to-be-read list since before it was published.

Happy Readings Y’all 🙂


Cupcake deliciousness!!!!

Ok this is from another blog but it looks so heavenly and delightful I just had to share it!!!!! 😀

Oh, Courtney

I’ve been watching way too much Cupcake Wars lately and have had the cupcake itch for days! What cupcakes to bake?! Was the question. I figured, my favorite cake (vanilla), favorite frosting (cream cheese) and favorite fruit (strawberries) would do the trick to kick all my cupcake cravings!
Even more yum on the inside
I started off with the strawberry filling, you will need:

• 2 cups of fresh diced strawberries
• 1/2 cup white sugar
• 2 tablespoons of corn starch

Over medium heat, toss in your diced strawberries into a saucepan. Stirring constantly, you’ll notice the strawberries getting softer and forming their own little sauce at the bottom of the pan. Then add the sugar and corn starch, this will immediately cause the sauce to thicken. Stir until everything is blended completely, remove from heat and place strawberry sauce into a heat safe bowl. Set aside to cool.
Strawberry filling

On to the vanilla cupcakes! You…

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The Tide Lords book one, The Immortal Prince, by Jennifer Fallon


One word for this book: unique. I haven’t really read anything that even comes close to this book. The way it was written, the plots, the characters, and heck, even the names were wonderful!

The Immortal Prince is one of the few scifi like books I’ve read. It was definitely worth the read.

One of my new favorite series, The Tide Lords is something I look forward to finishing. Jennifer Fallon is a wonderful storyteller.

My next novel will be the second in the series, The Gods of Amyrantha. I have completed my first month of the reading challenge for 2012 so the next book will be book one of month two.

Have a lovely escape in your Reading 🙂

The Mystique Trilogy book one, Gene of Isis, by Traci Harding


“A heartstopping race to unlock the secrets of the Grail Bloodline…”

I did not actually read that piece until I read the description on the back of the book. I had Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code on my shelf for the better part of a year and still never read it. In all honesty, it didn’t sound that captivating. Gene of Isis sounded like a historical/modern romance which grabbed my attention, then I found out it had to do with the theory of Jesus having children with Mary Magdalene. I am a Christian and don’t necessarily believe this myself, but I am not discrediting the possibility.

Gene of Isis has had some bad reviews regarding the three different time periods and the alternating of views between the three women, but I loved that about the book. The book was thoroughly thought out, well-written, and the fact that it is only book one of three intrigues me more so.

My first book of this type and I completely enjoyed this novel, so it was a good choice for starting in this genre. Well done Mrs. Harding, I look forward to the rest of your lovely series and books.

My next novel will be The Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon, an Australian author. For the year, I have chosen to do a reading challenge. This reading challenge involves reading only Australian authors whose novel titles or names begin with the letter of the corresponding month. I chose the medium level, which is two books a month. For January, book one was Red Dress Walking by S.A. Jones. Book two will be the novel by Jennifer Fallon. See the pattern?

As I’m only required to do two books a month, I’ll still be reading the other works of authors, so stay tuned.

Happy travels in your Reading 🙂

National Poetry Month in America

Here’s to the poets of all ages and styles, my second poem I ever wrote, best wishes 🙂

•My Dear, written on November 7, 2010•

You, my dear, my lovely child, are not mundane.
You, my dear, my devilish child, are not the usual.

You have been born of the underworld,
The epitome of evil and yet my child,
You are never like those who would follow in their ancestry.

This world that you have come to love, is what you treasure most of all.
So I ask you my dear, if you love this world so, protect it with your life and the life of those you love.

You, my dear, my beautiful child, are our protector.
You, my dear, my powerful child, are our savior.

Hope you enjoyed the read and have a happy Poetry month 😀


Heathen Girls, by Luanne Jones


“Live without limits. Love without questions. Laugh without apologies. And make sure that whoever dies first won’t be sent to heaven looking like hell!”

This is the vow three George cousins take as children. Charma Deane George Parker, youngest of the three has had it bad: fiancé stolen by her most beloved cousin Bess, is left out of the loop when her mother dies, and now has to deal with a family crisis. Bess Halloway, the eldest of these three girls, is causing all hell to break loose just so she can protect those she loves, even though it only seems like she’s trying to destroy it all. Minami “Minnie” Annette George Raynes is the peacemaker of the trio and loves them all with an intensity and understanding that makes you wish it were pointed at you.

With so little age difference between the gals, growing up at the “Aunt Farm,” and being raised by some women with spitfire personalities, these women have bonds that keep them together even through the toughest circumstances or the painful betrayals. Everything Southern enclosed in this wonderfully written book, it made me remember a movie thats been a favorite of mine from ever since I could remember, The Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

This book just stood out on the shelf at me when I was at the library. It said, “You will read me and love me.” It was right. I fell in love with the story and the characters right away. The characters portray Southern women beautifully, the setting was perfectly drawn out, and the tragedies were captivating. I mentioned T.D.S.O.T.Y.Y.S. for a reason. The movie has been a favorite of mine for years, it was so encompassing with love and friendships and heartbreak all around, but in the end everything becomes as good as it can get. Yes, I think another reason why I loved this book was because it was similar to T.D.S.O.T.Y.Y.S., but it has its own reasons for becoming a great novel to me. It put me right in Charma Deane’s head, her life, her fears, her risks, and her regrets. When Charme Deane was upset, so was I. When she was outraged, I wasn’t far behind. Whenever she cried, I cried right along with her.

This novel is a beautiful encasement of the South. I lived in the South for awhile as a young child so it’ll always be connected to me. Because of this, Heathen Girls will always be a specially loved reminder of where I came from.

My next review will be on Gene of Isis by Traci Harding, book one in The Mystique Trilogy.

Best of Reading 🙂

My Soul To Keep, Soul Screamers series book #3, by Rachel Vincent


The whole thing started with a wasted jock and a totaled car. Or so I thought. But as usual, the truth was a bit more complicated….

The first three sentences of the novel and already I was hooked. I got the first book in this series, My Soul To Take, right off the printer in 2009 from a book panel I had joined. So, thank you Harlequin Teen Panel for getting me addicted to this series, along with firsthand looks at other books waiting to be published.


You have been forewarned, because I know this is a review I’ll rant and rave about the book on. That’s just how much I’m into the only bean sidhe (banshee) book series I’ve found so far.

For most of Kaylee’s life she had little contact with her dad, knew her mother was dead, and she was put in a mental ward for having uncontrollable screaming fits when she hit high school. Turns out, those screaming fits come with her ancestry, yes her family heirloom passed down to her is an earsplitting scream that deafens everyone but the males of her species. They think of it as music from heaven. She didn’t know any of this came with being Kaylee Cavanaugh, until the day she meets Nash face-to-face for the first time. Turns out one of the school’s football players knows exactly what she is because he’s one too, a bean sidhe. That was three months or so ago, this is now…

*I’d warn you to stop reading now if you haven’t read the series and don’t want it ruined, just saying…*

Once again Kaylee is caught up in a whirlwind of Netherworld trouble. Avari is back, and the hellion of greed wants Kaylee. She’s been in his sights ever since she helped Tod’s ex-girlfriend, Addison, save her younger sister. There’s a Netherworld substance that is lethally deadly to humans and highly addictive all around. Not only do two of Nash’s friends become users of this “frost”, but Nash is a secret user as well. Scott Carter, Nash Hudson, and Doug Fuller are all tied together one way or another. Scott’s dating Kaylee’s cousin, Nash is dating Kaylee, and Doug is dating Emma Marshall, Kaylee’s best friend. Not only are these three guys on the football team together, they also get their deadly “frost” from the same source… Avari the hellion. Can Kaylee save her friends, family, and the boy she loves while hoping everything will still be there for her when it’s all over?

Alright, now here comes my ranting and raving. I swear this series and I have a love-hate kind of relationship. I love the plot twists and how its so mind-boggling good, but then I get so caught up in the emotions the book throws out at you from Kaylee, and I want to be the one who knocks Sophie unconcious just because she had it coming to her or to punch Nash in the jaw because I always knew he would turn out to be an asshole. See? It’s such an innovative and wonderful story, that I get so caught in it and never want to leave, but then I read the last page and I’m so mad about it being over, yet at the same time I get all worked up and excited about the next book in the series.

I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on the fourth book, My Soul To Steal. Alas, the next book to expect a review on is Heathen Girls by Luanne Jones.

Happy reading y’all 🙂