Torn, Book Two of The Trylle Series, By Amanda Hocking

“When Wendy Everly first discovered the truth about herself- that she’s a changeling switched at birth- she knew her life would never be the same. Now she’s about to learn that there’s more to the story… Torn between her heart and her people, between love and duty, Wendy must decide her fate. If she makes the wrong choice, she could lose everything- and everybody- she’s ever wanted… in both worlds.”

Amanda Hocking’s second book in this wonderful trilogy is very captivating and beautifully written. Because I got the first two books in the series at the same time, I couldn’t help but to instantly pick up book two and start reading as soon as I finished Switched. That’s how much I love the series. Some series are a let-down after book one, but not this story, Torn delivered and left me hungering for more.

Torn between her loyalties, past and future, her heart and what is expected of her, Wendy is lost and makes so many difficult decisions, proving she is such a strong and compassionate heroine. I love her personality and ability to deal with anything that is thrown at her.

Switched and Torn were wonderful intros into the world of the Trylle, but the conclusion is soon to come in Ascend, the final book in the trilogy. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival so that I can find out how it all ends.

Delightful Readings 🙂



Prophecy of the Sisters, Book One, By Michelle Zink


Prophecy of the Sisters is about a legacy of twin girls born every generation from angelic descendants. Alice and Amalia are the most recent of these twins, but nothing is as it seems. Both girls are not as close as you’d think they’d be, if only because of this prophecy. It has driven sisters apart and set them against each other for centuries.

Lia has no idea about any of this, until the night her father dies. That’s when everything starts to unravel. Strange things have happened in the past, but for her this is the strangest thing to happen and now she’s curious as to how and why her father was killed.

An extraordinary read and suspenseful, I was glad to have picked it up at the local library on a whim, along with the sequels to it. It will keep you hanging on until the very last word.

Joyful Readings 🙂


My Soul To Keep, Soul Screamers series book #3, by Rachel Vincent


The whole thing started with a wasted jock and a totaled car. Or so I thought. But as usual, the truth was a bit more complicated….

The first three sentences of the novel and already I was hooked. I got the first book in this series, My Soul To Take, right off the printer in 2009 from a book panel I had joined. So, thank you Harlequin Teen Panel for getting me addicted to this series, along with firsthand looks at other books waiting to be published.


You have been forewarned, because I know this is a review I’ll rant and rave about the book on. That’s just how much I’m into the only bean sidhe (banshee) book series I’ve found so far.

For most of Kaylee’s life she had little contact with her dad, knew her mother was dead, and she was put in a mental ward for having uncontrollable screaming fits when she hit high school. Turns out, those screaming fits come with her ancestry, yes her family heirloom passed down to her is an earsplitting scream that deafens everyone but the males of her species. They think of it as music from heaven. She didn’t know any of this came with being Kaylee Cavanaugh, until the day she meets Nash face-to-face for the first time. Turns out one of the school’s football players knows exactly what she is because he’s one too, a bean sidhe. That was three months or so ago, this is now…

*I’d warn you to stop reading now if you haven’t read the series and don’t want it ruined, just saying…*

Once again Kaylee is caught up in a whirlwind of Netherworld trouble. Avari is back, and the hellion of greed wants Kaylee. She’s been in his sights ever since she helped Tod’s ex-girlfriend, Addison, save her younger sister. There’s a Netherworld substance that is lethally deadly to humans and highly addictive all around. Not only do two of Nash’s friends become users of this “frost”, but Nash is a secret user as well. Scott Carter, Nash Hudson, and Doug Fuller are all tied together one way or another. Scott’s dating Kaylee’s cousin, Nash is dating Kaylee, and Doug is dating Emma Marshall, Kaylee’s best friend. Not only are these three guys on the football team together, they also get their deadly “frost” from the same source… Avari the hellion. Can Kaylee save her friends, family, and the boy she loves while hoping everything will still be there for her when it’s all over?

Alright, now here comes my ranting and raving. I swear this series and I have a love-hate kind of relationship. I love the plot twists and how its so mind-boggling good, but then I get so caught up in the emotions the book throws out at you from Kaylee, and I want to be the one who knocks Sophie unconcious just because she had it coming to her or to punch Nash in the jaw because I always knew he would turn out to be an asshole. See? It’s such an innovative and wonderful story, that I get so caught in it and never want to leave, but then I read the last page and I’m so mad about it being over, yet at the same time I get all worked up and excited about the next book in the series.

I definitely cannot wait to get my hands on the fourth book, My Soul To Steal. Alas, the next book to expect a review on is Heathen Girls by Luanne Jones.

Happy reading y’all 🙂