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The Taint: Sorrow’s Child, Book One of The Taint Series, By Georgina Anne Taylor

“On the Isle of Muin, one of the thirteen scattered Meda Isles, Lillith, a young orphan and an indentured servant, is found guilty of witchcraft and is condemned to hang… Everyone and everything she’d known, all that she’d cared for, gone, lost to her in that one, horrible moment when her Taint had been revealed.”

First of all, I want to thank Goodreads for giving me the chance to read this. But mostly to thank Mrs. Georgina Anne Taylor for sending me the kindle edition before its release so that I may read and review it. I am greatly looking forward to being a beta reader for some of your other works. (:

Sorrow’s Child is the first in The Taint series and what a wonderful introduction might I add! Now I won’t put any spoilers in the review because I always try not to. But there might be a few almost spoilers, can’t help those.

Lillith was just a babe when she was orphaned, then she spent most of her next 14 years in a small village as a servant. Late one night, she discovers the Taint within herself, and that’s when the world she knows comes crashing down around her. Nothing will ever be the same again in this new life for Lillith as she journeys through challenges and finds out who she really is.

A story of bravery, intrigue, suspense, magic, coming of age, finding who you are, revenge, betrayal, and loyalty, Sorrow’s Child will keep you reading well into the dark of night.

A must read for people who like fairytales set in gothic worlds.

Happy Readings šŸ™‚



4 responses to “The Taint: Sorrow’s Child, Book One of The Taint Series, By Georgina Anne Taylor

  1. Nothing better than a gothic world šŸ™‚

  2. georginaannetaylor ⋅

    Thank you so much, Sherri, for your lovely review! I’m DELIGHTED that you enjoyed Sorrow’s Child. Thank you also for agreeing to being one of my beta readers, for the next book in the series. I’d better hurry back to my computer now, to work on completing Gods and Monsters! šŸ™‚ Georgina.


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