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The Lucky One, By Nicholas Sparks


I actually saw the preview for this movie before I decided to read the book. I decided to pick it up because it looked like another good Nicholas Sparks book. The Lucky One is about a soldier who is almost killed at least half a dozen times, but is always saved by luck. Not just any luck though, a lucky picture he found when he was first deployed. After his tours he travels across the United States, by foot, with his ever-present companion, Zeus, a loyal german shepherd. In his travels he finds peace within himself that he hasn’t had for years due to his near-death experiences.


The tale of a man who trusts his instincts, a wary woman who doesn’t trust easily, and a haunting past all wrapped up into an unforgettable tale of passion. My first read by Nicholas Sparks and a good choice to start with his works. Though it definitely won’t be my last read of his.

Happy Readings šŸ™‚



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