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The Mystique Trilogy book one, Gene of Isis, by Traci Harding


“A heartstopping race to unlock the secrets of the Grail Bloodline…”

I did not actually read that piece until I read the description on the back of the book. I had Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code on my shelf for the better part of a year and still never read it. In all honesty, it didn’t sound that captivating. Gene of Isis sounded like a historical/modern romance which grabbed my attention, then I found out it had to do with the theory of Jesus having children with Mary Magdalene. I am a Christian and don’t necessarily believe this myself, but I am not discrediting the possibility.

Gene of Isis has had some bad reviews regarding the three different time periods and the alternating of views between the three women, but I loved that about the book. The book was thoroughly thought out, well-written, and the fact that it is only book one of three intrigues me more so.

My first book of this type and I completely enjoyed this novel, so it was a good choice for starting in this genre. Well done Mrs. Harding, I look forward to the rest of your lovely series and books.

My next novel will be The Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon, an Australian author. For the year, I have chosen to do a reading challenge. This reading challenge involves reading only Australian authors whose novel titles or names begin with the letter of the corresponding month. I chose the medium level, which is two books a month. For January, book one was Red Dress Walking by S.A. Jones. Book two will be the novel by Jennifer Fallon. See the pattern?

As I’m only required to do two books a month, I’ll still be reading the other works of authors, so stay tuned.

Happy travels in your Reading 🙂



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