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National Poetry Month in America

Here’s to the poets of all ages and styles, my second poem I ever wrote, best wishes 🙂

•My Dear, written on November 7, 2010•

You, my dear, my lovely child, are not mundane.
You, my dear, my devilish child, are not the usual.

You have been born of the underworld,
The epitome of evil and yet my child,
You are never like those who would follow in their ancestry.

This world that you have come to love, is what you treasure most of all.
So I ask you my dear, if you love this world so, protect it with your life and the life of those you love.

You, my dear, my beautiful child, are our protector.
You, my dear, my powerful child, are our savior.

Hope you enjoyed the read and have a happy Poetry month 😀



4 responses to “National Poetry Month in America

  1. Brenda ⋅

    Very nice Sherri!

  2. I like this Sherri, well done….(-:


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