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Red Dress Walking, by S.A. Jones


The dress haunts my steps. Flashes of red on the street mesmerise me. I am alive to red cars, red shoes, and the red of Suella’s lipstick. It is silken laudanum that has thrown a distorting film over everything. The dress flutters through my dream life like a taunting red banner.


That is the short excerpt given on the back cover of Red Dress Walking. As the book says, it’s a thought-provoking novel on love and desire, identity and life, how we view beauty, men and women, breakdowns and break-ups, close friendships, and how literature can change our lives.

Will and Emily have a beautiful life: friends who have their backs, family that adore them, and of course each other. Well barring a few exceptions for Will’s friends and Emily’s family. They come from different backgrounds and seem to be complete opposites, but as they say, opposites attract. He’s an engineer who loves the social life, and she’s a bookworm who wouldn’t mind being left alone in her own world of visions.

Although they couldn’t be any more different, they get along so extremely well that they think everything seems to just fine… but not for long. When Will thinks it’s time to commit, it all goes downhill. He buys the fateful dress that brings their entire world crashing down around them.

At first I thought it was a slow read but then I started piecing things together, and I kept reading. I have got to say, this book is now one of my favorites because of its intensity and realisticness. I could relate with Emily on many different levels whereas theres certain things I could relate to Will with. All in all it had me thinking of my past relationships and it gave me a glimpse of what to fight for when it feels like I have everything I need in my life.

Until next time, have a great read y’all 🙂




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